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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Run #111

The kids and I decided to go to the park. I brought flip flops with me but went barefoot on the way there. I was pushing Zoodle in the stroller, with Chickie on her bike. We went a little ways, and Chickie's bike wasn't working well, so we turned around and exchanged it for the tricycle. That wasn't working well either, so we turned around at about the same point, took the trike home, and she decided to take her shoes and socks off and run with me to the park! I was proud of her; it was .44 miles to the park and she jogged the whole way! I'd like to start taking her with me for parts of some of my runs.

But it was harder for me to have good form, pushing a stroller, and the ground was hot, and the concrete was rough.... Honestly, I pushed it too much barefoot today. I definitely shouldn't have tried to go barefoot while pushing a stroller; the stroller messes up form. It wasn't even my jogging stroller.

I may still go barefoot a bit for tomorrow's run, but not very far. I see why this is supposed to be so gradual; my soles hurt, and my muscles of my right foot/ankle are sore! Oh well, live and learn. I did wear shoes for the walk home!

1.49 miles, estimated 39 minutes. (This run/walk was NOT about having a good pace!)
It was mid- to late-morning, and while the temp wasn't too high (high 80s probably), the sun was hot. Thankfully there were some clouds so it wasn't sunny the whole time. But I sure am glad I usually run in the early morning.

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Hank said...

You want to land lightly and lift quickly. There should be no twisting or pushing off when the foot leaves the ground so pushing a stroller while running BF is a bad idea. Wait until next year and use the jogging stroller on level terrain.

I highly recommend skipping at least one day to give your soles time to recover from and adapt to all this new stimuli.

Something for the future: Walk on some dry pavement with wet feet and take a photo of your footprints. Do the same after a year of BF running and see what a difference it's made in your arches.

Hang in there. We endure no greater limitations than those we place on ourselves.