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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Run #107

Pleasantly surprised that my pace was under 12 minutes a mile--the weather was ICKY! Google told me 75 degrees/84% humidity, but it started drizzling at the end of my run, so even if that was the real humidity, it FELT wetter than that! (Did you know the humidity isn't necessarily 100% when it rains? It's 100% at the cloud, but not necessarily at the ground. See this article. I am assuming it was 100% humidity INSIDE THE RAINDROPS that were hitting me!)

Anyway, it did feel particularly gross out there, but it was still a good run, and a good way to start my day. Hoping I feel ready for 8.5 miles Saturday. That's over twice what I did today--yikes! But only half a mile more than I did last Saturday....not THAT big of a deal, right?

I must say, I'm looking forward to November. I hope my body automatically just speeds up again when I don't feel like I'm running through lukewarm soup!

4.18 mi 00:48:39 (11:39/mile)
75 degrees, 84% humidity. Totally cloudy with drizzle at the end. Started warm-up a little after 6:20.

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