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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Run #121

This was a good run! I'm feeling lighter on my feet. My calves/Achilles are feeling a lot better. Today they were less achy; it felt more like the run was serving to stretch them out rather than tightening them. The bent knees are feeling more and more natural. I got a mild twinge on the arch of my left foot; still getting the hang of being totally relaxed.

Happy moments: Feeling the cool breeze outside. Passing friendly cyclists. I really do like seeing other friendly athletes--it's like we're all part of this club that thinks the best way to spend our mornings is outside, enjoying using our bodies!

1.52 miles, 18:43 (12:20/mile)

Also...I am hoping to do a half marathon on December 5! Two blogging friends of mine, Sasha and Elaine, are going to do it, and I'd love to join them. I think a couple of the folks from Barefoot Runners Society may be doing the full marathon too; it would be great to meet up with them. Just sounds like one where I could have a blast getting to know some people that I've only known online. And maybe my parents can even plan a trip down so my dad and I can do the race together! I'll have to travel a bit, but it's not too far--it'll be a fun weekend adventure!

Here is my planned training schedule. (Don't pay attention to the Day 1, Day 2, etc.; the order of the runs will vary within each week.)



Sasha said...

Woo woo! I've got to plan out my training schedule as well.

I think once school starts, I have it worked out to be able to run two mornings before work and then Sat and Sun as well. I'll do my long run on Saturday and try to do a shorter run on Sun, Tues, and Fri I think.

Are you bringing the fam to the race or just coming by yourself?

Steph said...

Nice goal! I found your blog through some barefoot running forums. I started running in May and started running barefoot last month. So I'm a little behind you.
On weekdays I can easily train at the Y because they have a babysitting service, but running on the indoor track doesn't give me enough feedback to improve my forms. I run outside on weekends. What do you do with the kids while you run? And how do you plan your route?
I tried an old running stroller for my 2y old and taking my 5y old with his bike but it's really nit working well for us.