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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Run #117

Wow, my pace sure does improve when I don't have a 4-year-old with me!

My barefoot form is improving. Still need to work more on LIFTING my feet instead of pushing off, and running lightly...all to reduce friction on my soles. But overall my soles are handling it well!

This distance has worked well for me the last 2 days. For awhile I'd like to run 5 days a week instead of 3 if my body handles it well. My runs are very short as I learn to run barefoot, and that will help me get more mileage.

I'm hoping my runs this coming week will be 1.5 miles each. We'll see!

1.14 miles, 13:16 (11:39/mile)
Weather--pretty darn humid and warm. Not sure what temp was, but I know it got up to 100 during the afternoon, so it may have been warmer than usual this morning. Didn't get started until a little before 8.

Today my blogger friend Liz had an "Online Community Walk" through her Facebook page. We were all encouraged to get out and walk, run, bike, or do something physical, cameras in tow. Here are the photos I shared on her Facebook page:

Ready to start my warm-up walk & run, in "the shoes my mama made me."

The pretty neighborhood park I get to run through.

"Dessert" for my feet--our soft, cool lawn that I ran through at the end of my run, on my way to the door.


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