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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Run #115

Barefoot all the way! I do have a sore muscle at my ankle from Tuesday, and it's still sore today. Not terrible, but I'm just working these muscles in a way they aren't used to! I can tell my calves are going to be feeling it today too; that's one area that you use a lot more when running barefoot. I ended up walking on and off for the last 10 minutes or so; I was getting some tight spots on the pad & arch of my right foot. Thankfully walking worked them out every time and I was able to finish running.

My pace was way better today! But I think my form is better when I take it a little slower, which I'll probably do on Saturday. This whole barefoot thing has quite a learning curve! I want to focus on form, not speed, for now.

Happy moments--running through cool grass occasionally. That felt great! Also, I don't get nearly as hot and sweaty when I'm barefoot. That's nice!

2.81 miles, 28:31 (12:20/mile)
77 degrees, 89% humidity. Barefoot, that's nice weather!

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