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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Run #116

Because I pushed it too much this week with the barefoot running, I wanted to do a very slow, short run this morning. Well, I've discovered one way to make SURE my pace is ULTRA-slow...take my 4-year-old along! How d'ya like that 17:34 pace?

It actually really helped to go that slowly. I could focus on relaxing. I thought about form some, but RELAXING proved to be key. My ankle started giving slight twinges...and was fine as soon as I RELAXED it.

Happy moments of this short run--getting smiles from people who probably think it's cute to see a mom and daughter running together. Heck, I think it's cute too!

1.14 miles, 20:00, 17:34/mile
Not sure on actual temp, but it was definitely warm, humid, and sunny. We didn't get started until after 8, so after our warm-up and run we weren't home until about 8:30. But it was such a short, slow run that it was okay.


Call Me Cate said...

I tried to convince Joe that slowing down would be a better way to handle the humidity but he insists on trying to keep his usual pace. I then tried to convince him that he should borrow a small child and he said that would just make him run faster to get away.

I guess he's not ready for kids. ;)

Teamarcia said...

So cute!