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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Run #125

125 runs...yeah!!

Good run! I had to really focus on my feet; I had a couple spots that were hurting yesterday, and I guess I managed to adjust my stride, because they felt okay today! Ankles & calves are really doing well. I feel like I'm figuring this out, slowly but surely! Whew, it's humid.... I'm glad I don't have shoes on, making me even warmer.

Yesterday I realized just how much I'm missing my long runs. Those runs were so amazing for my whole mood. I think they affected me not just on Saturday, but somewhat throughout the week. Honestly it's frustrating to me that it's going to be two more months until I'm up to 5 miles on a Saturday run. After that, though, the distances will build pretty quickly. Before I know it, it'll be December 5, and my first half marathon. This whole "gradual" thing with barefoot running is probably the hardest part about it. But being frustrated with short runs is better than being frustrated with no runs because I've been injured. So I'll keep trying to enjoy my measly mileage, and I'll really enjoy it as I go a bit further each week!

1.58 miles, 19:15 (12:12/mile) I got mixed up on what my planned route was, so this was a smidge shorter than I'd planned. Not enough to make a real difference though.

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