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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Run #228

I'm sore from Sunday's race (VERY hilly course), so I took it easy today. I'm also reincorporating barefoot mileage. My form has not been as gentle as I'd like in my Vibrams lately. So I did almost 2 miles barefoot. My soles needed a break after that, so I put on my Vibrams for the rest. Being barefoot felt good; I like the feel of my feet exposed, nice and cool in the morning air.

3.1 miles, 33:19 (10:44/mile)

One of my soles after my barefoot run today (mostly on sidewalks)--furthest I've gone barefoot since last fall:


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Run #227: 10K race!

6.2 miles, 59:32 (9:36/mile)

Full race report here.
And a report of the fun running sweatbands I bought here...complete with very silly photos. (I wore the purple one for the race.)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Run #226 (1 mile PR!)

I hadn't done a mile for time in quite awhile, so I did today--fastest ever! I sandwiched it between a slow warm-up run & a run with Chickie.

APPETIZER: 1.36 mile warm-up, 15:03 (11:03/mile)
MAIN COURSE: 1 mile, 8:28 (Personal Record mile time! Woo hoo!)
DESSERT: 1.03 miles with Chickie (my 5-year-old), 17:59 (17:27/mile)

Overall: 3.39 miles, 41:30 (12:14/mile)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Run #225

Great run this morning! I've decided that since running 5 or 6 miles on weekdays only requires getting up a little earlier than running 3 or 4...I want a lot of my weekday runs to be longer. It's more fun and is an easy way to bump up my weekly mileage a bit. Since I only run 3 days a week, might as well make those days worthwhile!

5.52 miles, 58:07 (10:31/mile)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Run #224

Perfect way to start the weekend! It's starting to get warmer, but not HOT yet, and starting in the dark means the sun isn't high even at the end of the run.

I felt like I hydrated well and got enough calories today, so I didn't feel totally beat at the end, and I still feel good several hours later.

There were plenty of hills on this route--so much more fun/interesting than flat ground. I'm glad to live where I do.

10.11 miles, 1:51:57 (11:04/mile)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Run #223

I am SO proud of my 5-year-old! This was her first 5K! Last time we tried it she ended up in the stroller with her brother for a little while. She worked so hard. We did a 2 minute run/1 minute walk pattern (with some extra walking thrown in here and there.) I told her we can do a 5K race together if she wants, now that she can go that far! Sure, it was twice as slow as I usually go...but my kid did 5K, and I am PROUD! :)

3.1 miles, 59:32 (19:12/mile)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My new running mantra

Hard runs build my endurance.
Easy runs build my motivation.
All runs build my body, mind, and soul.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Run #222

I figured I should make use of the spaghetti I had for dinner last night, so I did a longer-than-usual weekday run. I had so much energy! Hubs & I are doing a 10K on the 27th. My race goal is 10:15 a mile, and today was 10:19 a mile. Woo hoo!

Run #222...kind of a fun number.

With the time change, my weekday runs will be mostly in the dark for awhile. Good thing I enjoy running in Vibrams, because I don't run barefoot in the dark. Some parts of my route were uncomfortably dark--couldn't see where I was stepping (especially with headlights in my eyes.) Oh well, as summer comes closer, there will be more and more light.

6.2 miles, 1:04:03 (10:19/mile)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Run #221

This type of run is what makes me love running. Long, easy pace, beautiful weather, roads I've never run on before, ending with Frappuccino at Starbucks. Could there be a better way to start the weekend?!

I took off my shoes for one 4-minute running segment, then put them right back on. The weather was great for it today, but I really wasn't in the mood for the hyper-awareness that's necessary for barefoot running. (I have to really keep my eyes down when I'm barefoot so I don't step on any sharp rocks, etc.) To me, if I'm going to be barefoot, it has to be because I WANT to be. Maybe I'm turning into more of a minimalist runner than a barefoot runner...and that's okay.

There will be days where I'm in the mood to feel the ground under my feet, or I want the training benefits that come from being barefoot, and on those days I'll go for it. And there will be days like today where I just want to run without thinking too much about what's under my feet, and I'll wear my thin shoes for that. Running is fun...and I aim to keep it that way!

7.68 miles, 1:25:56 (11:11/mile)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Run #220

Beautiful, cool morning! I had great energy and was able to push myself this morning. Wonderful way to start the day!

3.1 miles, 29:41 (9:34/mile)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Run #219

I was definitely lacking energy today--but don't you think it's those runs that build physical and mental endurance? So it may have been a tired run, but it was a good one. Low 60s and HUMID (80%). Lots of sweat today. It's not warm for good yet, but days like today will help me transition into summer running.

IT band did great!! I did stop and stretch it once and I really probably didn't even need to do that.

5 miles, 53:24 (10:40/mile)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Run #218

I had good energy tonight. It was dark though--not much moon. Some of my route was poorly-chosen with no sidewalks and too much traffic for my liking. So I slowed down when I needed to. It was a good run, but I just never feel 100% safe running at night.

I planned to go further but felt like my leg was tightening up a bit. I decided not to push it. My IT band has done so well the last couple of runs; I'd hate to irritate it again. Plus, the darkness was just annoying. It's weird--I don't mind too much running in the dark in the morning, but in the evening it freaks me out a little bit.

Looking forward to some good runs this week!

4.73 miles, 51:58 (10:59/mile)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Run #217

Hooray! My IT band was loose again, and I had plenty of energy. It feels so good to be back below 10 minutes a mile. Another beautiful day, nice and cool without much wind. I saw a friend driving as I ran. Seeing someone I know wave at me as I run gives me a little extra energy!

I am so happy that I didn't freak out about my IT band issue this time. When I was sick, I decided to lay around and skip my rolling for a few days, knowing that might result in a tight IT band. But I figured it was worth it. I needed the rest, and I know what to do when I get tight. So I expected the tightness and knew it wasn't something to panic about. Because I usually keep that area loose, it's gotten a lot easier to fix it when it does give me problems.

It's nice to have some perspective on my "problem area" instead of getting so emotional about it when it misbehaves! At this point it's a chronic problem, but it's one that I know how to manage. And I think eventually I'll be strong enough and loose enough that IT band issues will be a distant memory.

3.1 miles, 30:10 (9:43/mile)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Run #216

Lots of stopping & stretching of the IT band. I think it's better than it was Saturday and that it'll be nice and loose again soon. Still feel like I'm getting my energy back after being sick too. So...not a fast or easy run, but it's just nice to be out there in the cool morning!

It was chilly again this morning, so I was in my Vibrams. It was interesting running barefoot the other day--it felt so great. I have gotten so used to wearing Vibrams that I wasn't sure I'd want to do a lot of barefoot running anymore. I thought I might have become a primarily-minimalist runner who goes barefoot occasionally. But feeling how good the ground felt under my feet on Saturday, I'm guessing I'll end up being barefoot quite a bit this spring and summer! My husband and I are doing a 10K at the end of March. I may do it barefoot, but we'll see.

3.1 miles, 37:02 (11:56/mile)