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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Run #222

I figured I should make use of the spaghetti I had for dinner last night, so I did a longer-than-usual weekday run. I had so much energy! Hubs & I are doing a 10K on the 27th. My race goal is 10:15 a mile, and today was 10:19 a mile. Woo hoo!

Run #222...kind of a fun number.

With the time change, my weekday runs will be mostly in the dark for awhile. Good thing I enjoy running in Vibrams, because I don't run barefoot in the dark. Some parts of my route were uncomfortably dark--couldn't see where I was stepping (especially with headlights in my eyes.) Oh well, as summer comes closer, there will be more and more light.

6.2 miles, 1:04:03 (10:19/mile)

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