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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Run #215 (Part A & Part B)

These were my first runs in a week and a half. First my kids were sick (and keeping me up at night); then I got sick. So...time to ease back into things now that I'm healthy again!

Part A:
My IT band was tight, so I walked a lot and cut the run short. I knew it might have tightened up while I was sick. Not too much of a worry; I'll get it loosened up again this week. Came home & rolled it, and got ready for my big run with Chickie (my five-year-old)!

I was barefoot for a good portion of this run & of my run with Chickie, probably for about a mile and a half total. Nice to have the shoes off again--feels good on my feet! I was mostly on the sidewalk. My feet aren't as tender as I thought; I hope it won't take too long to get them truly re-conditioned for longer barefoot runs.

Part B:
Chickie wanted to run to Starbucks with me! We probably ran at least half the time, which is great for her little legs at this distance!! My IT band was tight and achy but never got TOO painful.

At Starbucks we played Jenga, which we both loved.


When hubs & Zoodle picked us up, we went and bought our own Jenga to play at home!

Part A: 1.15 miles, 17:15 (15:00/mile)
Part B: 2.24 miles, 42:24 (18:55/mile)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Run #214

This run never got EASY but I think that's good for building psychological endurance. I decided that since we're having so many warm days, it's time to ease back into barefoot running. But I chose a rougher portion of asphalt and quickly realized my soles have completely lost their barefoot conditioning! I made it less than 2 minutes and put my Vibrams back on. I'll keep doing a little at a time and hopefully regain those tough soles soon. I just want the freedom to run barefoot on decent surfaces when I want to, and to run in minimalist shoes when I want to.

5 miles, 52:26 (10:29/mile)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Run #213

This run wasn't about speed; I just wanted a nice, easy, long run. It was beautiful outside, mid- to high-50s, perfect for short sleeves & shorts. I ran in an area I don't usually run, and I really enjoyed the fresh scenery/streets. All in all, a lovely long run.

(The run was Saturday evening--finally remembering to blog it!)

9.66 miles, 1:51:34 (11:32/mile)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Run #211 & Run #212

I forgot to log my run on Tuesday, so playing a little catch-up tonight!

Tuesday (Run #211):

I woke up at 6 and REALLY didn't want to get up to run. Then I remembered...my friend Ann was coming over with her kids for a playdate, and we were planning on her running while I watched all the kids. So...I did the same! We both got to run with free childcare without getting up early, and when the weather was starting to get warmer for the day. Hooray for friends supporting each others' fitness!

I really pushed hard during the run. I think this was my 2nd fastest 5K. Talk about a great aerobic (and at the end, anaerobic!) workout!

3.1 miles, 29:37 (9:33/mile, BOOYAH!)

Thursday (Run #212):

This was just really a great run. I like the 5(ish) mile distance--about halfway into the run, I was totally warmed up, which made me feel fantastic and energetic the last couple of miles.

4.77 miles, 49:37 (10:24/mile)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Run #210

Really fantastic run! Legs felt great; plenty of energy; beautiful, sunny, cool weather.

And I'm going to add something that falls under the "TMI" category, but I think it's a good thing for women to talk about. I think that running on the first day of my cycle is a fantastic thing for me. I've heard multiple times that running can help with cramps. Thankfully I don't get bad cramps, but I do usually get mild ones, and I think that the endorphins help tremendously. (Advil helps tremendously too!) And on a day when I might want to sit around and be grumpy, moving helps me feel great instead.

Of course, women are all different, and some women have really difficult physical side effects during their cycles, sometimes bad enough that exercise isn't possible/practical. But for the majority of us, I think that exercise is a great way to feel more normal on the day or two of every month when we are most likely to wish we weren't women!

6.61 miles, 1:13:58 (11:11/mile)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Run #209

Wow...the race Sunday was around 70 degrees. Today? 30 degrees, 19 windchill. Imagine, if you will, a short, skinny runner with stiff, post-race legs, trying to run uphill into gusting wind without being blown away like a tumbleweed. Makes for a great workout (but not a great pace!)

I am SO glad I didn't have to run a half marathon in this weather.

3.1 miles, 35:02 (11:18/mile)