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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Run #215 (Part A & Part B)

These were my first runs in a week and a half. First my kids were sick (and keeping me up at night); then I got sick. So...time to ease back into things now that I'm healthy again!

Part A:
My IT band was tight, so I walked a lot and cut the run short. I knew it might have tightened up while I was sick. Not too much of a worry; I'll get it loosened up again this week. Came home & rolled it, and got ready for my big run with Chickie (my five-year-old)!

I was barefoot for a good portion of this run & of my run with Chickie, probably for about a mile and a half total. Nice to have the shoes off again--feels good on my feet! I was mostly on the sidewalk. My feet aren't as tender as I thought; I hope it won't take too long to get them truly re-conditioned for longer barefoot runs.

Part B:
Chickie wanted to run to Starbucks with me! We probably ran at least half the time, which is great for her little legs at this distance!! My IT band was tight and achy but never got TOO painful.

At Starbucks we played Jenga, which we both loved.


When hubs & Zoodle picked us up, we went and bought our own Jenga to play at home!

Part A: 1.15 miles, 17:15 (15:00/mile)
Part B: 2.24 miles, 42:24 (18:55/mile)


Autumn in jeans said...

I love that she runs with you! So cute. My girls and I used to run together, but when the weather turned icky we all took a break from it (a very long, should have never taken it, break). I can't wait to get back into it (via treadmill till the weather warms up).

So awesome, Beth <3

Call Me Cate said...

Love it! And the picture is great, as promised. With her little tank top and headband, she looks just like a little runner-in-training!