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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Run #211 & Run #212

I forgot to log my run on Tuesday, so playing a little catch-up tonight!

Tuesday (Run #211):

I woke up at 6 and REALLY didn't want to get up to run. Then I remembered...my friend Ann was coming over with her kids for a playdate, and we were planning on her running while I watched all the kids. So...I did the same! We both got to run with free childcare without getting up early, and when the weather was starting to get warmer for the day. Hooray for friends supporting each others' fitness!

I really pushed hard during the run. I think this was my 2nd fastest 5K. Talk about a great aerobic (and at the end, anaerobic!) workout!

3.1 miles, 29:37 (9:33/mile, BOOYAH!)

Thursday (Run #212):

This was just really a great run. I like the 5(ish) mile distance--about halfway into the run, I was totally warmed up, which made me feel fantastic and energetic the last couple of miles.

4.77 miles, 49:37 (10:24/mile)

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