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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Run #210

Really fantastic run! Legs felt great; plenty of energy; beautiful, sunny, cool weather.

And I'm going to add something that falls under the "TMI" category, but I think it's a good thing for women to talk about. I think that running on the first day of my cycle is a fantastic thing for me. I've heard multiple times that running can help with cramps. Thankfully I don't get bad cramps, but I do usually get mild ones, and I think that the endorphins help tremendously. (Advil helps tremendously too!) And on a day when I might want to sit around and be grumpy, moving helps me feel great instead.

Of course, women are all different, and some women have really difficult physical side effects during their cycles, sometimes bad enough that exercise isn't possible/practical. But for the majority of us, I think that exercise is a great way to feel more normal on the day or two of every month when we are most likely to wish we weren't women!

6.61 miles, 1:13:58 (11:11/mile)

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Vixbil said...

I have horrid cramps sometimes they even make me physically sick BUT, I find running makes a massive difference