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Monday, November 29, 2010

Run #190

Well, that was frustrating. I could tell my hip was tightening up the last few days, and sure enough, it and my IT band got tight during the run. It wasn't awful but I did have to stop earlier than I wanted. Sigh. Now to figure out what to do before the race. LOTS of rolling, for sure, and I'll tape it on race day. I may get in to the PT for a session or two also; we'll see.

When I got home, I rolled that hip and focused on really getting deep with the massage ball. I realized I have been rolling quickly and not as deep as I probably need to. I think it's just so easy for my body to go back into that "tight" mode and I hope it learns quickly to be strong and loose instead! I'm going to roll a LOT in that hip/IT band/quads area for the next couple of days and go to the PT if I need to during the middle/end of the week. I hope I don't need to go see him; we'll see how all the rolling works.

3.6 miles, 46:30 (12:54/mile)

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Run #189

This was just a GREAT run. I felt fantastic, and I was just so happy to be out there.... What a perfect way to start this special day! I didn't have a pre-planned route; just ran where I wanted. As long as I ended up at Starbucks...which I did...I knew I'd be happy. :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!

7.24 miles, 1:22:24 (11:22/mile)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Run #188

This was my final pre-race long run, and it went great! My energy level wasn't the best, but I made it through, and at a slightly better pace than last week. My legs and feet felt noticably better than last week during the run. And now, 8 1/2 hours after finishing, I can't believe how good my legs feel. These long runs still take a lot of energy and leave me tired, but I do feel like my body is starting to adjust to the distance.

Also...this was my first-ever 20+ mile week! Woooo hooooo!

Time to taper my mileage over the next two weeks so I'll be fresh and ready on December 5. I do feel prepared for my first half marathon in 15 days!

11.91 miles, 2:20:28 (11:47/mile)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Run #187

Chickie wanted to run with me this morning, so we put Zoodle in the jogging stroller, and Chickie and I ran. We went to Subway and the donut shop (both conveniently in a shopping center outside our neighborhood!) Ate there, then came home. Chickie is definitely getting faster; I'm proud of my little runner!

1.28 miles, 21:25 (16:43/mile)

Run #186

Another good run! It's sure gotten chilly out there though. The barefoot purists amaze me (the ones who even run barefoot in the snow.) My Vibrams and I are going to spend a LOT of time together this winter. :) I wore them with socks today; that definitely helps my toes stay warmer.

Run #186... #200 will be here soon! Only 6 more scheduled runs before my race. It's getting close, 17 days away!

I hope my body continues feeling so loose and strong. I'm doing my trigger point rolling twice a day (three times a day on my long run days) and it's really neat to see the difference...areas that were full of knots a couple of weeks ago, now so much easier and more comfortable to roll out. For instance, I learned a new way to roll my IT bands, and it's been so much more effective. It was painful to do; now it's only a little uncomfortable. That shows me how much looser those areas are!

I'm also doing several strengthening exercises (given to me by the PT) once a day, six days a week. They taught me four types of clamshells, and one particular position was so hard at first. (It's the position that most works the particular weak muscles that have been contributing to my IT band issues!) Last night as I did the exercise, it was suddenly so much easier. It's exciting to see that not only am I getting looser, but I'm also getting stronger in a way that should help prevent the IT band issues from recurring!

If you're reading this and want details of the more-effective IT band rolling or the clamshell exercises, leave a comment, and I'll write up the instructions.

3.86 miles, 41:27 (10:44/mile)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Run #185 (5K PR!)

Best 5K time yet! Looks like I may eventually reach an old goal (one that I'd let go of), to get to 10 minutes a mile for 5K. I was oh-so-close today. Legs felt great...fantastic, challenging run! Wore my new running tights--very comfy and warm.

3.1 miles, 31:05 (10:02/mile)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Run #184

YES!!! 11 awesome miles! I just kept smiling for the last half mile...even giggling a bit. (Pretty sure that qualifies as a runner's high!) I felt good enough that I know I could have kept going 2.1 more miles (half marathon distance.) I needed this encouraging run!

My "problem areas" are doing so much better. My IT band (which I did tape with KT Tape again, just to be safe!) didn't give me any trouble. The arches in both feet started to twinge a bit at around 9 miles so I just stopped, rolled them over my massage ball a bit (didn't even take off my Vibrams), and kept going, and they were fine the rest of the run. I guess they were just tired and getting tight/cramping. I didn't have ANY major aches or pains. The physical therapy, along with the effective trigger point rolling they've taught me, is making a huge difference!

I had some short stops at stop lights, plus the stop for my arches (which was fast), plus a very quick potty break at a gas station. But I ran the whole course!

I've "broken in" the Vibrams, and they're feeling really good to run in.

The run was actually yesterday; I just didn't blog about it until today.

11 miles, 2:14:06 (12:11/mile)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Run #183

I've been avoiding doing lots of hills but my IT band is doing so well that I did them today. I'd forgotten just how challenging the hills in our neighborhood are! But my legs haven't felt this good in weeks! Wow, it feels so great to FEEL GREAT. Even 94% humidity can't ruin a run when my legs are loose and energetic!

I honestly kind of want to cry--it's just so great to feel my body working correctly again. Bring on that 11 miler this weekend! I'm nervous but excited! I think it's going to be a world of difference from last weekend's run.

By the way...I modified my Vibrams. This little stone bruise (or whatever it is) on the bottom of my right foot is hanging on stubbornly. (It doesn't usually hurt much, just keeps cropping back up and reminding me it's there.) My physical therapist suggested I get some minimalist shoes that have more cushion, like the Nike Frees, so I don't keep pounding that bruise. I'd actually love to have a more-cushioned minimalist shoe for situations like this, but I've spent so much money lately just getting well (and buying my new Vibrams) that I really do NOT want to buy new shoes. So I took old sneaker insoles and trimmed them down to fit my Vibrams--including cutting toes in them! They fit, and they worked really well today.

2.98 miles, 31:29 (10:33/mile)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Run #182

Good run, no IT band issues! This run just felt hard...I think I started a little too fast. But hard runs are great for building endurance! And I'm thankful when my body cooperates and feels good!

The physical therapist said he can tell my IT band is doing way better. It's just not 100% so it still can get inflamed like it did during Saturday's run. But he doesn't think there will be any problem getting me healthy by race day. Also, the sore spot on the bottom of my foot is a bone bruise. They take about six weeks to heal. It's been four weeks, so in a couple of weeks I'll probably be barefoot-ready again...when I occasionally get a day warm enough for it!

3.75 miles, 40:02 (10:40/mile)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Run #181

Really rough run. Had to stop repeatedly to massage hip/IT band. Finally ended up walking the last couple of miles. (I tried taping at about 5 miles but was running out of tape and I think it was too little/too late.) I'm glad I have another appointment Monday. I also am ordering more tape and plan to use it for every long run and for the race. The big difference between this and my 9-miler 2 weeks ago, was that I was taped in advance for that run.

I've decided my attitude has to be--be thankful for the miles you CAN do instead of focusing on the ones you CAN'T. I also am connecting with God during this time--remembering that if I focus on Him, He won't let me down (even if my body does.) This is good stuff to help me grow...but I also sure hope I can get past this soon.

Also reminding myself that the chiro said this should be fixed in 2-3 weeks. It's only been 1 week. The other stuff he worked with me on (a sore place around my left shin/knee, and my right arch) did well today. I'm especially impressed and excited about the arch, which didn't bother me at all. So what he's doing seems to be working, at least on the newer injuries/trouble spots. It makes sense that the injury that has been happening off and on for 9 months, would be the one that takes longest to fix.

We'll see what happens the next few weeks. Hope I can do the half on 12/5 but unsure right now.

10.2 miles, 2:43:59 (16:04/mile. LOTS of stops, plus the walking at the end, totally messed up my pace.)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Run #180

Good run. Body still feeling great--I'm so encouraged that I've had 2 runs in a row without IT band or arch issues! I was "off road" for part of this run because it was dark and I was on a shoulder-less, sidewalk-less road during rush hour--had to keep running into the rocky grass to stay safe!

3.29 miles, 37:00 (11:14/mile)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Run #179

Didn't have a ton of energy, but I didn't have ANY painful problem areas! Woo hoo! I think the improved form and looser muscles are making a difference. It feels good to feel good. :)

It was chilly today--I wore pants and a jacket! Vibrams still doing well. I wore them with my new Ininji toesocks today--definitely toasty warm. I think that sore spot on my foot is almost gone and I'll be able to do more barefoot runs (on days that are warm enough) soon.

It's interesting to me that my pace was a full minute per mile slower than it was at the race Sunday. I was still stiff from pushing so hard on that race, and I was tired today. I wanted this to be an easy recovery run. But what encourages me is realizing that all these slow runs give me the fitness I need to push hard on a race if I want to!

3.98 miles, 44:17 (11:07/mile)