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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Run #184

YES!!! 11 awesome miles! I just kept smiling for the last half mile...even giggling a bit. (Pretty sure that qualifies as a runner's high!) I felt good enough that I know I could have kept going 2.1 more miles (half marathon distance.) I needed this encouraging run!

My "problem areas" are doing so much better. My IT band (which I did tape with KT Tape again, just to be safe!) didn't give me any trouble. The arches in both feet started to twinge a bit at around 9 miles so I just stopped, rolled them over my massage ball a bit (didn't even take off my Vibrams), and kept going, and they were fine the rest of the run. I guess they were just tired and getting tight/cramping. I didn't have ANY major aches or pains. The physical therapy, along with the effective trigger point rolling they've taught me, is making a huge difference!

I had some short stops at stop lights, plus the stop for my arches (which was fast), plus a very quick potty break at a gas station. But I ran the whole course!

I've "broken in" the Vibrams, and they're feeling really good to run in.

The run was actually yesterday; I just didn't blog about it until today.

11 miles, 2:14:06 (12:11/mile)

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