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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Run #183

I've been avoiding doing lots of hills but my IT band is doing so well that I did them today. I'd forgotten just how challenging the hills in our neighborhood are! But my legs haven't felt this good in weeks! Wow, it feels so great to FEEL GREAT. Even 94% humidity can't ruin a run when my legs are loose and energetic!

I honestly kind of want to cry--it's just so great to feel my body working correctly again. Bring on that 11 miler this weekend! I'm nervous but excited! I think it's going to be a world of difference from last weekend's run.

By the way...I modified my Vibrams. This little stone bruise (or whatever it is) on the bottom of my right foot is hanging on stubbornly. (It doesn't usually hurt much, just keeps cropping back up and reminding me it's there.) My physical therapist suggested I get some minimalist shoes that have more cushion, like the Nike Frees, so I don't keep pounding that bruise. I'd actually love to have a more-cushioned minimalist shoe for situations like this, but I've spent so much money lately just getting well (and buying my new Vibrams) that I really do NOT want to buy new shoes. So I took old sneaker insoles and trimmed them down to fit my Vibrams--including cutting toes in them! They fit, and they worked really well today.

2.98 miles, 31:29 (10:33/mile)

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