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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Run #186

Another good run! It's sure gotten chilly out there though. The barefoot purists amaze me (the ones who even run barefoot in the snow.) My Vibrams and I are going to spend a LOT of time together this winter. :) I wore them with socks today; that definitely helps my toes stay warmer.

Run #186... #200 will be here soon! Only 6 more scheduled runs before my race. It's getting close, 17 days away!

I hope my body continues feeling so loose and strong. I'm doing my trigger point rolling twice a day (three times a day on my long run days) and it's really neat to see the difference...areas that were full of knots a couple of weeks ago, now so much easier and more comfortable to roll out. For instance, I learned a new way to roll my IT bands, and it's been so much more effective. It was painful to do; now it's only a little uncomfortable. That shows me how much looser those areas are!

I'm also doing several strengthening exercises (given to me by the PT) once a day, six days a week. They taught me four types of clamshells, and one particular position was so hard at first. (It's the position that most works the particular weak muscles that have been contributing to my IT band issues!) Last night as I did the exercise, it was suddenly so much easier. It's exciting to see that not only am I getting looser, but I'm also getting stronger in a way that should help prevent the IT band issues from recurring!

If you're reading this and want details of the more-effective IT band rolling or the clamshell exercises, leave a comment, and I'll write up the instructions.

3.86 miles, 41:27 (10:44/mile)

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Steph said...

It's so good to read that you're feeling strong and painless now. It's a reward for your perseverance.
Good luck for your race. I cannot wait to read your race report over at BRS. I'm sure it will be a memorable milestone.