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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Run #181

Really rough run. Had to stop repeatedly to massage hip/IT band. Finally ended up walking the last couple of miles. (I tried taping at about 5 miles but was running out of tape and I think it was too little/too late.) I'm glad I have another appointment Monday. I also am ordering more tape and plan to use it for every long run and for the race. The big difference between this and my 9-miler 2 weeks ago, was that I was taped in advance for that run.

I've decided my attitude has to be--be thankful for the miles you CAN do instead of focusing on the ones you CAN'T. I also am connecting with God during this time--remembering that if I focus on Him, He won't let me down (even if my body does.) This is good stuff to help me grow...but I also sure hope I can get past this soon.

Also reminding myself that the chiro said this should be fixed in 2-3 weeks. It's only been 1 week. The other stuff he worked with me on (a sore place around my left shin/knee, and my right arch) did well today. I'm especially impressed and excited about the arch, which didn't bother me at all. So what he's doing seems to be working, at least on the newer injuries/trouble spots. It makes sense that the injury that has been happening off and on for 9 months, would be the one that takes longest to fix.

We'll see what happens the next few weeks. Hope I can do the half on 12/5 but unsure right now.

10.2 miles, 2:43:59 (16:04/mile. LOTS of stops, plus the walking at the end, totally messed up my pace.)

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