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Monday, November 29, 2010

Run #190

Well, that was frustrating. I could tell my hip was tightening up the last few days, and sure enough, it and my IT band got tight during the run. It wasn't awful but I did have to stop earlier than I wanted. Sigh. Now to figure out what to do before the race. LOTS of rolling, for sure, and I'll tape it on race day. I may get in to the PT for a session or two also; we'll see.

When I got home, I rolled that hip and focused on really getting deep with the massage ball. I realized I have been rolling quickly and not as deep as I probably need to. I think it's just so easy for my body to go back into that "tight" mode and I hope it learns quickly to be strong and loose instead! I'm going to roll a LOT in that hip/IT band/quads area for the next couple of days and go to the PT if I need to during the middle/end of the week. I hope I don't need to go see him; we'll see how all the rolling works.

3.6 miles, 46:30 (12:54/mile)

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