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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Run #216

Lots of stopping & stretching of the IT band. I think it's better than it was Saturday and that it'll be nice and loose again soon. Still feel like I'm getting my energy back after being sick too. So...not a fast or easy run, but it's just nice to be out there in the cool morning!

It was chilly again this morning, so I was in my Vibrams. It was interesting running barefoot the other day--it felt so great. I have gotten so used to wearing Vibrams that I wasn't sure I'd want to do a lot of barefoot running anymore. I thought I might have become a primarily-minimalist runner who goes barefoot occasionally. But feeling how good the ground felt under my feet on Saturday, I'm guessing I'll end up being barefoot quite a bit this spring and summer! My husband and I are doing a 10K at the end of March. I may do it barefoot, but we'll see.

3.1 miles, 37:02 (11:56/mile)

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