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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Run #217

Hooray! My IT band was loose again, and I had plenty of energy. It feels so good to be back below 10 minutes a mile. Another beautiful day, nice and cool without much wind. I saw a friend driving as I ran. Seeing someone I know wave at me as I run gives me a little extra energy!

I am so happy that I didn't freak out about my IT band issue this time. When I was sick, I decided to lay around and skip my rolling for a few days, knowing that might result in a tight IT band. But I figured it was worth it. I needed the rest, and I know what to do when I get tight. So I expected the tightness and knew it wasn't something to panic about. Because I usually keep that area loose, it's gotten a lot easier to fix it when it does give me problems.

It's nice to have some perspective on my "problem area" instead of getting so emotional about it when it misbehaves! At this point it's a chronic problem, but it's one that I know how to manage. And I think eventually I'll be strong enough and loose enough that IT band issues will be a distant memory.

3.1 miles, 30:10 (9:43/mile)

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Norm Deplume said...

Thanks for reminding me to get back to the rolling. I started with IT Band issues after I started running on roads in VFFs. I ended up taking most of this winter off, but am ready to start running again now that Spring has promised to come soon.