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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Run #120

Because I ran last night, I figured I should really take it easy this morning. Thankfully my 4-year-old Chickie was up for a run, so she did her job slowing me down! It was a fun run, great for practicing good form and for loosening up my calves, which were sore from yesterday's run.

This run was a little far for her though. I think next time I'll just take her about a mile and complete the rest of the course by myself. At the end she kept stopping to walk, and then I had to stop to let her catch up. She wore water shoes (a popular shoe among minimalist runners) but told me she wished she was barefoot. When she's barefoot she stops a lot, afraid of stepping on things, but maybe the best way to get her past that fear is to keep letting her go barefoot. She'll acclimate to it!

Happy moments--beautiful clouds when we started running (remnants of the sunrise.) Chickie falling for the second time. Her: "Ow!" Me: "Well, at least that time you fell in the grass!" Her, suddenly happy: "Yeah, that feeled better!"

1.52 miles, 27:55 (18:24/mile)

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