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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Run #119

This was a good run! I had been wondering why no one had been making comments about me being barefoot, as my online barefoot friends seem to get comments all the time. Well I guess it was just because I usually run so early and don't see many people. Today one neighbor commented on it as I walked by on my warm-up, and we had a good conversation about it. Then on the run, two people asked me, "Where are your shoes?" (My answer--"At home!")

Definitely getting more of the hang of lifting my feet! The bent-knee run is not easy yet; my Achilles tendons really feel it. But they'll stretch out the more I do it.

Happy moments--Running by the neighborhood pool, with the scent of chlorine. (It reminds me of childhood!) Running into the sunset near the end of my run. Getting to chat with my neighbor about this barefoot stuff. It was a good run. :) I hope my body continues to do well with the more frequent running; I like it!

1.52 miles, 17:09, 11:18/mile. This was faster than my other barefoot runs have been, and I think I pushed just a little harder than I should have. My form suffered at the end. Overall though it was good, and I know I got a great workout in that short time.
Because it was evening, the weather was different than usual. It was hotter (86 degrees) but less humid (56%). Overall it felt the same to me as when I usually run (in weather that's about 10 degrees cooler but with 20-30% higher humidity.)

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Eternal Lizdom said...

I'm loving reading along and I'm learning from you as you learn and share- so thank you for that. My barefoot adventure isn't going to remain barefoot but I am focused on less bulky shoes and the Pose and Chi and such form. I end up with a lot of soreness after a run since my leg and feet muscles are working in a whole new way!