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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Run #109: First barefoot run

I am very unsure of time & distance on this, but I did a very short barefoot run this morning! After repeatedly hearing about how great barefoot running is (supposed to help you have proper running form), and doing a bunch of reading, I have decided I really want to go for it. But I'll need to ease into it. I did a short warm-up walk today, then the short run. Most of it was on asphalt. It wasn't really comfortable on my sensitive soles, but that's kind of the idea. Form naturally improves as we figure out how to strike our feet in ways that are less forceful. And of course the soles of my feet will thicken too, which will help a lot. It was a good first barefoot run, and I look forward to doing another short one soon!

0.82 mi 00:08:30 (10:21/mile)

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