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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Run #126

I've been missing my Saturday Starbucks runs. I figured out that if I did a half-mile warm-up walk, then my 1.75 mile run today could end at Starbucks--yeah! Had a really nice hour and a half there to relax, read, etc. before the family picked me up.

I had to stop and walk over some places where there was no sidewalk (and lots of rocks in the grass.) But I feel like I'm getting a lot more relaxed. I'm getting more accustomed to the new form so that it feels easier. In terms of my energy, I could have definitely gone further today. But for the sake of my feet/legs/ankles, which are still building up the strength they need to run barefoot, it's wise to stick with my plan and increase distance gradually. My ankles and arches (two areas I've had some soreness) are doing GREAT! One Achilles is still getting tight, but not bad, and when I relax during the run, it feels better. I really feel like my lower legs/ankles/feet are getting stronger.

I recaptured some of what I have loved about my Saturday runs today by making today a "destination run." Sure, I miss the challenge of a long run, but I'll get there soon enough. It just feels good to make my Saturday run and post-run relaxation a special time, just for me...even though it was a short run.

1.75 miles, 22:45 (13:02/mile)

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