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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Run #118

I've been having trouble LIFTING my bare feet instead of pushing off. One of the barefoot gurus, Ken Bob, tells people to run with very bent knees; this helps to lift the feet. And while I'm not used to that position, I think it works for me. It's going to take my muscles some time to adjust; it became harder to keep good form at the end of the run. But it'll happen.

My left Achilles was tight today; I think it all comes down to continuing to learn to really RELAX. This is a challenging journey but a fun one too! I just think it's going to be AMAZING when barefoot running feels totally natural and effortless.

1.52 miles, 18:25 (12:08/mile)
I'm going to stop my daily weather reports. It's always warm and humid this time of year!

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