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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Run #76

Whew, this was a HARD run. I've gotten so used to running at an easy pace! I did 2.9545 miles in 30 minutes (10:09 per mile) so I guess it's back to my quest for a 10-minute mile in 3-ish mile runs. :) I need to focus on starting slower and speeding up as I go, like I did in the race--that works better for me. The last 12 minutes or so of this run were HARD!

This was my 2nd-best pace on a run of around 3 miles. My best pace was way back at the beginning of March--10:04. That run involved a little bit of walking. So I am getting better at pacing myself so I can run the whole way--my long runs have really helped with that. While the running was hard, I didn't have any strong temptations to walk today. If I can get my pace slower at the beginning and gradually improving through the run (really pushing at the end), I think that will really help with breaking the 10 minute/mile barrier. I broke the 11 minute/mile barrier on a 10K, so surely this is doable, and soon!

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Lola said...

s fantastic! Congrats! I had a similar (though slower) run yesterday. In prep for my upcoming 5k's and Ragnar Relay in Utah in June- I'm trying to master the 4 mile distance (the distance of my legs in the Ragnar). And slowly working on pace. As I transition from walk/run intervals to as much running as possible. . .my pace certainly improves. When I started in Jan (6 wks after daughter #2 was born)- I was around a 15 min/mile. Yesterday? I maintained a 12:55 min/mile pace for 30 min. Yay for great runs!