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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Run #81

My hamstrings are sore from boot camp yesterday, and I started off very, very slowly. I sped up only as my legs loosened up and only when I felt like I had enough energy, and it turned into a really great run. I was able to push harder during the last 10 minutes or so, and crank it up more for the last 2 minutes.

I think I've tried to push too hard throughout my 3 mile(ish) runs, not conserving my energy. Today shows me that taking it easy, listening to my body (like I do on my longer runs) helps me enjoy the run and gives me a decent pace (10:15 today.) I'm going to stop focusing so much on 10 minutes a mile; I really do think I'll naturally get there eventually--without having to push myself so hard that I hate running!

Note to women: Like me, you may have heard that activity can help with menstrual cramps. I woke up with minor cramps and not-so-minor bloating today. SO fun. I did take some ibuprofen, which works well for me, and by the time I started my run, I was already feeling better. But I think the running really helps me feel normal and energetic--on one day of the month when I might not be likely to feel normal and energetic! Running also really helps get the digestion "moving" which helps me stay healthy and regular, all month long, and I think it may have even helped alleviate my bloating today!

2.94 miles, 30:11, 10:15/mile

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Traci said...

You don't know how many times I have felt sick (minor sickness) and worked out anyway. Usually at home so I wouldn't infect anyone. :) And I'm so glad I did after. I still had the energy to workout and felt so much better after.