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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Run #80

Oh my goodness, great run! I purposefully took it easy, didn't focus on speed at all. I'm SHOCKED (and very happy!!) that I kept my race pace of 10:55/mile. I figured my pace would be slower. It was a pretty (though humid) morning, such a great time to run and a fantastic way to start the weekend.

I liked the route but it wasn't really the best for running, as there were quite a few places with no sidewalk (and streets too busy for me to feel good about running on the asphalt.) So I know it was hard on my legs, running through uneven, grassy ground and sometimes a bit of mud.

I came home and took a cool shower and now I'm stretching, hoping to avoid too much soreness.

5.86 miles, 1 hr 4 minutes, 10:55/mile

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Eternal Lizdom said...

That is just AWESOME!!!