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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Run #70

Not enough sleep last night, so my energy wasn't great at all. I'm focusing on my stride by focusing on my arms. Hope the distance is correct--was trying to remember exactly which streets I ran on. :)

4.22 miles, 48 minutes, 11:22/mile


Tarantella Maria said...

So the C. Beth Run blog really motivates me. I now track myself as a software engineer. The problem is, Beth is probably at least 20 years younger than I (nice estimate to make me feel good). I am 56 years and have never been a runner. I always wanted to be a runner. I have always enjoyed walking and would bundle my kids up and take them for a walk in the winter. What a sight that was! Four kids under the age of six. Can you imagine that? What was I thinking?

As a software engineer who is now a doctoral student finishing my dissertation, I must be nuts for taking on running, but it makes me feel so good. I use my nike+, and 3GS iPhone to track my walk/runs. I had my best time on Wednesday, March 31. It was 12:19 for 2.05 miles (3.3 K). On the 29th I did 4.47 miles (7.2 K) at 13:53. Whew! Not bad for a mother of four and grandmother of eight! Thanks Beth for your inspiration.

C. Beth said...

Maria--That is FANTASTIC! Yay, good for you! Thanks for the sweet comment. :)