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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Run #69: Hills

Instead of a track workout this week, we did hills. Christina (trainer) taught us about opening up our strides (using arms to help with that) while going uphill. Really helpful! Good cardio workout too--I like shorter running segments when I can push my speed a bit.

This was about a 35 minute workout plus stretches. I plan to do one long run (49 minutes) on Tuesday, and then I'll let my legs rest until Sunday, my first 10K!!

Edited--Oh wow, I just heard from a friend--I was mixed up on what day is race day. It's the 11th, not the 4th. An extra week to train--woo hoo! I think this will be my training schedule:

Thursday 4/1: 48 minute run
Saturday 4/3: 48 minute run
Monday evening 4/5: Run (probably just a 2-2.5 mile run.)
Tuesday 4/6: Track workout
Thursday 4/8: 53 minute run
Sunday 4/11: 10K!

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