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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Run #58

3.03 miles in 33 minutes (10:52 per mile.) For my 10K training I'm focusing on SLOWING my pace so that I can run a bit longer each week and build up my endurance! This felt like a great, fairly easy pace for me. I was able to speed up just a bit in the last half mile, and I sprinted for the last 45 seconds. Knowing I had that extra energy at the end, I know I could have gone further. 6.2 miles seems a lot more attainable when I'm not pushing my speed!

The trainer doing our Tuesday track sessions gave me advice on how to train for my April 4 10K. Here's the plan:

Week 1 (this week):
Track training
33 minute run
2-36 minute runs

Week 2:
Track training
36 minute run
2-40 minute runs

Week 3:
Track training
40 minute run
2-44 minute runs

Week 4:
Track training
44 minute run
2-48 to 49 minute runs

So the idea is to increase my distance by 10% per week, and to run the whole way, no matter how slow I need to go. That way I've got the endurance to run most and maybe even all of the 10K. Running the whole way would be amazing but I'm not putting too much pressure on myself. That would be about 20 minutes longer than my longest training run. We'll see how much energy, motivation, and adrenaline I have on race day!

Right now I think a reasonable goal for the 10K is 68:12 or less. That's an average of 11 minutes or less per mile. As I get closer, I'll reevaluate to determine if that still seems like a good goal or not.

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