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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Run #66

This (my first 44 minute run) was a GREAT run. It felt easy. Of course, when I got home and saw that my pace was 11:27 I realized why it was so easy! But you know, that's okay. Right now I'm building up endurance.

I'd been thinking I wanted to do my 10K in an average of 11 minutes a mile or less, but honestly I think I'd prefer to just run the whole way, no matter what the pace. That way I can feel free to take it very, very easy on race day, when I'll be running further than I ever have before. I think that running every step of the 6.2 miles would be a bigger victory than hitting a particular pace.

I feel like I've hit an important endurance milestone. If I go slow enough, running isn't hard anymore, even on a run that, for me, is long (assuming I have a good amount of energy on that particular day.)

3.84 miles, 44 minutes, 11:27/mile

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