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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Run #61: Track workout

Great track workout! 3/4 mile slow jog, a bunch of drills (high knees, lunges, killer long jump things, etc.) Then we did a mile on the track, sprinting on the straight parts & walking on the curves. Invigorating! Then a 1/4 mile cool down jog. Then one of the other girls and I did a mile jog--really nice way to wrap up an early morning workout! (Kind of stinks that w/the time change, the whole 5:45-6:45 workout was in the dark.)

It still AMAZES me that, at the end of the workout, I can do a mile slow jog and talk the whole way through. I mean, my heart rate is still going up, and my lungs get a workout, but it's pretty easy. That's just crazy. And awesome.

Total was 3 miles plus the drills. We were out there about an hour.

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