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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Run #141

SLOW run. I was tired and kind of stiff. It was VERY humid (rained last night) but cloudy, which was nice. Not a great run, but glad I got all my miles in this week. Achilles tendons feeling pretty good.

We're headed to Susanville, CA (waaay up north in the state) tomorrow, and I'll be glad to leave Yuma heat behind...but I'm nervous about the altitude at my in-laws' place. It's at 5200 feet.

2.17 miles, 27:45 (12:47/mile)

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Lola said...

If you can give yourself 24 hours before running in the elevation- that will help you acclimate. Also- drink tons of water before and while you're there. You dehydrate faster and it IS harder. I had to do a lot of reading before my race in Utah- but after the first day- it was much easier to breathe.