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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Run #130

Great run to Starbucks! I felt the most relaxed I have since starting barefoot running. When little aches cropped up I was able to quickly get past them by relaxing and slowing down. I used my huaraches for the last 3/4 mile or so. During that segment last week I had to keep switching to walking because there were areas with no sidewalks and lots of rocks. The huaraches were great! I could still feel the ground (very thin soles) but they offered protection from the harsh rocks, and I was able to keep running almost the whole time.

I wore my new little waistpack to carry my phone, Starbucks card, etc. I've written about it at C. Beth Blog: My new headpack!

It's so nice to do a two-mile-plus run! On my second week of barefoot running, I did two runs of over two miles each, but I wasn't ready for that yet. (OUCHY ankles!) Having built up gradually to this distance, it felt wonderful! Saturday is my "long" run (well, relatively long!) I'll do a short, one-mile recovery run tomorrow, and my three weekday runs next week are scheduled to be 1.95 miles each with my "long" weekend run at 2.25 miles. Hubby is traveling a bit next week; then we leave early Saturday for vacation, so we'll see what my running schedule ends up actually looking like.

2.16 miles, 27:34 (12:44/mile)

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