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Monday, August 9, 2010

Run #132

I started with my huarache sandals today. I ran earlier than I've been doing lately, and it was still pretty dark when I started. I didn't want to step on anything. I really like running in the huaraches! I can keep my form up but I don't have to worry about stepping on things. I don't like the slapping sound they make on the road (when I've gotten so used to a very quiet barefoot stride) but I can deal with it. They're really a good minimalist running shoe. (Part One: 1.59 miles)

For Part Two of my run it had gotten bright enough to take my huaraches off and run in bare feet. (Part Two: .47 miles)

I had a lot of energy today. Starting yesterday, things just seemed to come together so much more with my new form. It suddenly got easier, more natural, more fun!

In the barefoot running community a lot of people talk about TOFP--Top Of Foot Pain. It's a common thing for new barefoot runners to suffer, and apparently it's often caused by "pushing off" with the feet (instead of simply lifting the feet), running too much on the balls of the feet (not using the heels enough) and/or doing TMTS (Too Much Too Soon)! Well, I hesitate to call mine TOFP because "pain" is too strong of a word for it, but I've started having an incredibly mild ache at the top of my right foot. I do notice that when I focus on lifting my feet, it sometimes improves, so I'll take this as a good cue for further improving my form. I also think I was running too much on my forefoot, so I've started incorporating my heels more. At this point it's so mild that it shouldn't be a problem as long as it doesn't get worse.

2.06 miles, 23:17 (11:19/mile) I ended up going .16 miles further than I'd planned today--oops. I got mixed up on the route I'd mapped in advance.

My running schedule will be a little different this week because of my husband's Tuesday/Wednesday business trip, and our vacation (which starts very early Saturday morning.) I'm hoping to still fit in all five runs, but I may end up cutting one.

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Vixbil said...

Really inspired by your barefoot running but only just started shoe running recently and our pathways are horrible I would be cut to bits running on them. Loving reading about your runs though, thanks for the inspriation