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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Run #129

I woke up and wasn't sure if I should run. My feet were feeling sore from yesterday and from the fast barefoot running I did when Zoodle ran away at the park the other day! (I think my form suffers when I'm sprinting!) Anyway, I'm so glad I went; I think it helped work out some sore spots, and it was a good run! My feet feel better now than they did before the run. Day off tomorrow, then slightly longer run Saturday.

Happy moment--A really friendly fellow mom walking her dog. We bonded briefly over the fact that we'd both escaped our kids for a few minutes to walk/run outside! I have to say, I really like these little conversations...the ones that have nothing to do with my bare feet. Part of me likes being a novelty, but during my runs I have very mixed feelings about the stares and comments. It's nice just to connect with someone because of what we have in common instead of because of my weirdness!

1.81 miles , 20:58 (11:36/mile)

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