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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Run #177

Well, hello there, IT band. Thought I'd conquered you, but apparently not. Thanks for making me stop my run early and walk home.

At least this time I made myself stop instead of just running through it. In the past, running through it has made it a lot worse. I'll work on those trigger points more diligently, and use KT Tape for my 5 mile race Saturday. If this starts acting up one more time, I think I will go to a place that does both PT & chiropractic (including Active Release Therapy) to see what can be done. I don't want my stupid IT band stopping me from running my half marathon.

1.21 miles running, 1.48 miles walking (warm-up plus walk home)

EDITED, Friday morning: I went ahead and made an appointment at a rehab place I've heard great stuff about. The appointment is for Monday. This place does PT, chiropractic, ART, trigger point therapy, and massage therapy. Surely with all that they can help! :)

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