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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Run #173

Rough run! I had to stop about 7 million times for 5 million different reasons. But I got in my miles (actually a little further than I'd planned.) I'm happy about that.

I put some old sneaker insoles into my ZEMs because I have this little bruise on the bottom of my foot. The insoles gave me just the right amount of cushion, but they insoles didn't fit well in the ZEMs. A lot of my stops were to adjust the shoes, take socks off, put them on, etc. I think I'm going to get some Nike Frees or some other type of minimal shoe that has a bit of cushion just for those times when I need it. Not sure which I'll get. I love the Altra Eve that is coming out but it's not available yet. (As I'm writing this, their site is down, but hopefully it'll be back up soon.) The Terra Plana Evo is supposed to be great but the price is not right! I need to look at my options and decide what I want.

Honestly it was a rough run. There was the shoe stuff. And I had to stop in the middle to go home for 5 minutes to (ahem) answer nature's call. My knee bothered me a bit but I put on a new knee wrap I have which seemed to take care of that. Then at the end, that same IT band tightness came back; I think it was just the distance hurting me. Maybe I still need to stick to mostly flat routes for these long runs; I don't know. It wasn't BAD today but I did have to stop and stretch several times in the last mile and a half or so. I did notice my body just wasn't as relaxed as it was last Sunday; I wonder if that is what led to my issues today.

It was the type of run that discourages me. It makes me wonder if I can handle long distances. Why can't I just get past all these aches and pains? I think I'm increasing mileage more quickly than my body wants me to, but I have a race coming up. Can I even handle the half marathon in seven weeks?! I really wish I had more time to train for it.

I have to remind myself that last week's long run was wonderful, beautiful, awesome. Hopefully this was just an off day and I'll feel great next weekend (9 miles, if all goes as planned!) I'm also recommitting to doing those hip exercises I was doing so regularly for awhile; I felt like they helped stabilize my knees. And the foam roller and I will continue to spend lots of quality time together. I'd like to get past this IT band issue once and for all.

And beyond that...all I can do is take it one day at a time, try not to freak out about the adjustments my body is making, and try to be smart about my training. Hopefully it'll all work out well in the end.

8.05 miles, 1:41:18 (12:35/mile)

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