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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Run #236

Because of my new strategy for getting my IT band healthy again ("Be cautious instead of being stupid"--a good strategy), I decided to forego a long run today. Instead my 5-year-old and I ran/walked to Starbucks together. Lots of distraction & whining (from her!) during the run, but we finally came to an understanding--She's allowed to stop and pick flowers or pick up roly-poly bugs during our 1-min walk breaks if she runs the whole way during our 2-min run intervals. Thanks to this plan, she finished the run strong.

My IT band is actually getting a lot better. I could still feel that it's not 100% during the run today, but when I'm just walking around the house & up and down the stairs it's doing quite well. So I think I'm close to being mended (again.)

2.24 miles, 46:04 (20:33/mile)

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Janice said...

Hey Beth.

I used to have a lot of IT band issues, then realized the real problem was that my adductors were too tight. The IT bands were getting tight to compensate apparently. Once I started stretching the adductors, the IT band issue went away.

Something to check out if you continue to have issues.

Good luck and happy running!