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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Run #232

What a nice, relaxing run. I was running later in the morning than usual, and by the end it was low 70s and very sunny. Warmer than I like, but it certainly didn't ruin it. I've pushed so much lately, for both distance and speed, that I needed a run like this--slow, with a couple of stops (water & bathroom), with my IT band feeling good again.

Transitioning to summer running is going to be so much easier this year. Most of my runs in the summer will probably be in the low 70s like today. The sun will generally be lower in the sky (since I usually run much earlier) but that will be balanced out by much higher humidity. I really was okay with the weather today--as opposed to last year, when it was getting warmer and I felt like I was going to DIE, before I adjusted to it! But last year as summer approached, I'd only been running for 6 months, and my endurance wasn't near what it is now. It's nice to look summer in the face, and say, "Yeah, I can take you on!" (Early in the morning, anyway! I'm NOT a 100 degree runner!!)

I realized I've had PRs in the 1 mile, 5K, & 10K distances, plus a distance PR of 14 miles, all in the last 3 weeks or so. And as great as that sounds, my legs took a beating--I just pushed too hard. So today it was wonderful to enjoy running for the sake of running, not trying to break any records.

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