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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Run #104

This was a good run! I think I'm learning more about what pace I can go at various distances. It's been pretty easy for me to know I can push myself some for 3 miles, and need to go slowly for 6 miles.... But in between can be tough! I've tended to go really slowly for my mid-distance runs, more than I need to. I had an "in between" pace today for my mid-distance run, so I'm glad to know I'm figuring that out! I also just can't say enough for having a Camelbak for hydration. It helps so much, and the minimal extra weight really doesn't even bother me.

48:03 4.25 mi (11:19/mile)
76 degrees, 81% humidity. There wasn't a breeze today, so it felt pretty soupy out there. I got out of the house a little after 6:15, started with a warm-up walk, and got home around 7:15. the sun was in my face a little at the end, but not bad. There were a few clouds. I've gotten past the longest days of the year, so there will be some relief coming, with the sun rising later (even if there won't be temperature or humidity relief for a few more months!)

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