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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Run #96

I don't usually do long runs mid-week, but everything just worked out to make it happen this morning!

I got up extra-early and was going to head to the gym, but the humidity was way lower than forecasted, so I decided to run outside. I started my warm-up walk at 5:45, then ran for an hour, so I was finished before 7, with the sun low in the sky. (And it was cloudy, so I didn't deal with ANY sun issues.)

This was a hard route, lots of hills. Because I decided at the last minute to do a long run (when I'd already left the house), I didn't have any of my trusty Shot Bloks with me, and I missed the energy I get from fueling during a long run! The last, longest hill (which ended somewhere past the 4 mile mark) was hard, but I knew I just had to get past it, and the rest was very doable. Great run, and a great way to start my Thursday!

5.27 miles, 1:00:56, 11:34 avg. pace
76 degrees, 55% humidity, outside from about 5:45-6:55.


Lola said...

Great job and awesome! I'm so envious because of my disaster run yesterday. I'm hoping for similar weather during my runs this weekend.

Traci said...

Great job! Sounds like a hard run.