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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Run #99!

This was the longest I've ever run, time-wise! It wasn't the longest distance; my pace was slow. But it felt good to be out there, pushing myself. I haven't done 10K+ in six weeks, when I ran 7 miles in 1:20 and some change.

It was super-humid, and I'm just so thrilled that I'm acclimating to that. Part of acclimating for me is giving myself permission to go slowly. I did stop twice in the last 3/4 mile to do a bit of stretching; I was feeling some leg/knee twinges that probably should have made me stop to walk...but I really wanted to keep going. The stretches helped, and I'm feeling pretty good now.

My leg & hip strengthening exercises are helping so much! My knees feel way more stable, and I'm thrilled to be back into this longer-distance training. I sure do hope my legs and knees allow me to train to do a half marathon in a few months. In my general vicinity there are half marathons every month from October through January, so I have a lot to choose from! My distance today was over half the distance of a half marathon....

I think I'd like to shoot for 1:25 or 1:30 next weekend, weather and knees/legs permitting!

1:22:15 6.71 mi (12:15 pace)
79 degrees, 84% humidity. I started my warm-up walk at just after 5:45 and was done running by a little before 7:20. The sun had been up for almost an hour but it is a cloudy day. There were even a few raindrops near the end (which makes me think that 84% humidity was probably higher by that time...but I think it had also gotten a bit cooler by then.) This weather was very runnable though I wouldn't have wanted to push my pace in it.

Tuesday...Run #100! I need to think of something special for that run!

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