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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Run #105

Yeah! Got my pace below 12 for a long, humid run. It felt good! This was my longest run ever...woo hoo! I hope I feel good enough to do 8.5 next weekend!

Then I got a smoothie at Starbucks and dropped it on the floor. It splashed quite impressively. It wasn't enough to ruin my good mood though!

At Starbucks as I waited for the family to pick me up, I crocheted. I'd brought yarn, a pattern, and a crochet hook with me, in my Camelbak. It fit well and weighed practically nothing. As I crocheted, I listed to a science podcast.

I am officially the geekiest runner on the face of the earth.

8.05 mi 01:36:01 (11:55/mile)
I got a later start than I wanted. By the time I finished my warm-up walk and started running, it was 6:20. It was about 76 degrees, 81% humidity. There was quite a bit of sun, but it was manageable! I ran out of water about 3/4 of the way through the run, so I am going to need to fill up my Camelback more next weekend. Still, it was enough water to keep me hydrated pretty well.

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