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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Run #91

I was pretty miserable for much of this run. The humidity is just TOO MUCH for me. I'm joining the rec center tomorrow. Boring treadmill running is sounding positively DIVINE right about now. I actually walked for 2 minutes after I'd been running about 2 3/4 miles...just couldn't handle it. With this weather I couldn't seem to run slow enough to keep a handle on my breathing & energy level.

Repeating my mantra to myself: "Even a bad run is still a great workout." It was indeed a bad run. But it was also definitely a great workout.

3.41 miles, 38:24, 11:15/mile

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Lola said...

for what it's worth- your "bad" runs are still faster than my "good" runs.
I know what you mean though- I had a bad run on Saturday and blogged about it too- have to remind yourself that at least you did it!