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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Run #88

Hard run! There's a lot of uphill in the first 2/3 of this route, and when I turned the corner for the blessed downhill portion, which I was more than ready for...I discovered a headwind. That just made me mad!

Not sure what the temp was when I finished 25 minutes ago, but right now it's 71 degrees. Not so bad except when you consider the 80% humidity. Disgusting! I had trouble peeling off my shirt afterwards because I was so sweaty. Also, I pushed too hard at the end and felt like vomiting afterwards. Good times.

Oh well, I really am glad I ran this morning. I feel good now! And my knees (which were bothering me earlier this week) are doing well. But with summer approaching, I think I'm going to start running a little earlier. I'll probably try to leave around 6 on Saturday for my long run.

I told hubby, "I seem to have exchanged speed for distance." Sure, I can run way further than I could a couple of months ago, but my short runs aren't any faster. That being said, I am now able to push past the difficult parts of runs--and keep running, instead of walking. I think most of that is psychological, and I'm glad to be at that point.

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Lola said...

Good for you for pushing past the desire to walk at portions- I'm still struggling with that. It is getting better, bit by bit- but it's there.

I really don't have much desire to do more than 5 miles - but once I can achieve that distance regularly for my long runs, I want to start working on speed