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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Run #90

The run was okay. Energy level was okay. But it was just SO humid. (I think it was around 71 degrees, 90% humidity.) I think that really makes my pace suffer. But hey, it was 33+ minutes of good cardio, and I felt good about myself for sticking with it even though it was hard. I've been planning to join a nearby rec center to use their treadmills and/or indoor track on summer days that are too hot and/or humid, and I think it's time to go down and join!

Oh yeah, my iPod also ran out of batteries during my warm-up walk! I wish I could know what my pace would have been if I'd had my normal distraction of geeky NPR podcasts. Without that to listen to, I was thinking too much about how hard the run was!

2.96 miles, 33:19, 11:14/mile pace

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