C. Beth.
C. Beth run.
C. Beth smile.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Run #245

YIPPEE! My IT band felt normal today--as in, I just really didn't feel it. Not only was it not painful; it wasn't "achy" or "tight" either. I'm SO happy that it is finally feeling normal again after a month and a half of trouble! I think I'll try 5 miles or so this weekend...nothing too long, but long enough to make me feel like I'm getting in a good weekend run. I'm thrilled!

I'd hoped it would be cease being a problem by Run #250. If today is any indication, I didn't have to wait that long! I've noticed the last couple of days that when I roll the area, it's sometimes hard to even find tight spots to roll; it's gotten so loose. And I think the inflammation that was so easily making it sore must have finally healed too. Such a great feeling.

2.91 miles, 30:00 (10:18/mile)